Quality testing (sensory evaluation, analyses, testing according to foodstuff regulations, declaration)

Laboratory analyses

The expectations of consumers and the distribution and retail sector with regard to the quality of food and beverages have never been higher than today. Consequently, the demands pertaining to the products’ quality profiles are getting increasingly complex. DLG TestService GmbH stands for competency in quality control, be it the testing of authenticity, residue analysis, or complex chemical-physical documentation – everything from routine analysis to customized examinations. There are sophisticated methods of analysis for the assessment of the analytical quality of food, beverages or pet food. These allow for a comprehensive quality control based on current scientific standards. Depending on the product, the range of services includes up to 300 different testing parameters that ensure its marketability and quality. All criteria are regularly evaluated on the basis of their scientific timeliness and market-related relevance.

Sensory evaluation of food and beverages

With its DLG-5-Punkte-Schema® (DLG-5-point-scheme), DLG TestService GmbH guarantees a scientifically accredited method as well as trained panels of experts for the organoleptic assessment of food and beverages in the context of quality management. There is a focus on the organoleptic quality assessment of wines and other alcoholic beverages. DLG TestService GmbH is an accredited DIN EN 45011 product certification body for the segments wine, sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine.

Testing according to foodstuff regulations and declaration control

DLG TestService GmbH takes on the whole process of labelling and marketability testing for foodstuffs designated for the German market, in compliance with the current legal provisions. Reliable statements and testimony are given with regard to a product’s features. In “cases of doubt”, coordination with the responsible authorities and further institutions is sought.