Certifications & Audits

DLG TestService GmbH is one of the leading service providers in the quality certification of processes and products in the food and beverages segment.

It developed its own quality standards for wines, meat products, logistics and pet food. The DLG Process-Wine is the only certification for a product-specific quality standard in wine which takes the entire operation into account. The international standard DLG Sustainable Logistics defines criteria in the area of sustainable logistics services for the food and beverages sector. Sustainable business management, an environmental orientation, local sourcing, transparency and safety are key aspects.

The auditors of DLG TestService certify enterprises throughout the world. Experts not only give on site guidance for audits such as IFS and HACCP.

Their certifications can be part of a comprehensive award concept, such as the DLG Product-CertificateSEHR GUT“ / "EXCELLENT"