DLG Process-Wine

Product and process certification for wine and sparkling wine

The DLG Process-Wine is the only certification in Europe for a product-specified quality standard in wine which takes the entire operation into account. The DLG Certification System focuses on product quality throughout the entire production chain. Alongside the analytical and sensorial qualities of the wines, DLG’s testing provisions include good manufacturing practice in the field of wine growing, the careful handling of natural resources, vinification processes and the monitoring of operational facilities up until bottling, packaging and transport. Aspects of sustainability and social aspects are also taken into consideration.

The DLG Process-Wine is a guideline for the recognition of improvement potentials and the subsequent implementation of changes in production. On the back of continuous quality examinations by DLG TestService GmbH, it offers secured (traceable) and guaranteed product quality to manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Test criteria - Wine

  1. Auditing of the entire process chain (wine growing, cellar management, bottling, transport) in accordance with the quality standard DLG Process-Wine
    • Plausibility examination on site
    • Documentation requirements and demands made of quality management
    • good practice
  2. Sensorial testing and intake analysis of the wine lots
    • Sensorial testing by DLG experts in accordance with the DLG 5-point-scheme®
    • Chemical analysis by accredited laboratories, e.g. vine type authenticity, pesticide residues
    • Exclusion of non-allowed additives and preservation agents
  3. Identity inspection of the bottled/filled wines
    • Agreement with the overall lot in sensory terms and analysis
    • Release
  4. Award of the DLG Product Certificate “EXCELLENT” including control number

Worldwide certification according to the standard DLG Process-Wine – version 3: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Hungary, USA.