DLG 5-Punkte-Schema® (DLG 5-point-scheme)

DLG TestService GmbH carries out sensory evaluation according to an examination scheme developed by professional panels of scientists and practitioners, the DLG 5-Punkte-Schema®.

In the examination, there are certain sensory characteristics and deviations attributed to each testing parameter. These are evaluated on the basis of the applicable product-specific DLG 5-Punkte-Skala (DLG-5-point-scale).

The sensory evaluations are carried out by panels of qualified experts representing the areas of science, food monitoring and the concerned segments of the food and beverages industry/crafts.

All products are presented to the testers in a neutralized form, meaning that the manufacturer and origin are not disclosed.

The aim of an organoleptic analysis (sensory evaluation) by way of product-specific testing schemes and trained experts is the objective assessment of the technical absence of flaws in a foodstuff or beverage in compliance with technological possibilities, the existing concept of marketability and good manufacturing practice (careful choice of raw materials, optimal processing and preparation).