DLG TestService – situated in Gau-Bickelheim – is one of the leading service providers in quality management and improvement for wines, other beverages, food and closely related product segments (such as logistics, pet food).

The portfolio of services includes the segments quality management, quality assurance, audits, certifications, product testing (laboratory, sensory evaluation, packaging), awards and customer-specific quality projects.

The work is based on self-developed scientific and professionally recognized methods as well as on the cooperation with a network of renowned experts from the different subsegments of the food and beverages sector.

DLG TestService GmbH is certified by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (German Accreditation Body – DakkS). Among other functions, the subsidiary of DLG e.V. is an accredited DIN EN 45011 certification body for the segments wine, sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine.