Test seals & awards

Awards and test seals that provide information about the quality of a product count among the most important marketing instruments in sales promotion. This is because they grant safety and provide guidance in the choice of food and beverages.

Owing to the organization’s high profile, 75% of all consumers trust test seals awarded by DLG (Source: study by the University of Applied Sciences Münster, fall of 2010).

This trust is promoted by clearly defined standards for a product’s quality, years of experience in the analytical and organoleptic examination of foodstuffs and the comprehensive network of experts DLG TestService can rely on in the course of quality testing.

DLG TestService GmbH is an accredited body for the execution of wine awarding in compliance with EU regulations. It grants the prestigious traditional Deutsches Weinsiegel (German Wine Seal) as well as, in cooperation with the JKI–Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof (JKI-Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof), the RegentPreis (RegentPrize).