The sensory quality of food and beverages is decisive for their success with consumers.

With its DLG-5-Punkte-Schema® (DLG-5-point-scheme), DLG TestService GmbH guarantees a scientifically accredited method as well as trained panels of experts for the sensory evaluation of wines and foodstuffs.

Together with its partners, DLG designs and conducts quality testing and competitions and grants awards and test seals. In the course of testing, experts in sensory evaluation assess neutralized samples of food and beverages and compare them to the products of their main competitors.

The Competence Center Food & Beverage at Gau-Bickelheim offers excellent conditions for the realization of quality testing. Its premises comply with current scientific requirements (according to DIN EN ISO 8589-2010) for the organoleptic examination of food and beverages.