Meaningful and trustworthy quality guarantees are the key to success if the components of testing meet expectations regarding the quality of food and beverages.
Based on current scientific testing provisions (laboratory analyses, organoleptic requirements, declaration), transparent methods and a comprehensive network of experts, the certificates, test seals and awards of DLG TestService carry a high degree of relevance and enjoy consumer trust on the market for foodstuffs, beverages and pet food.

Experts for wine awards

DLG TestService GmbH is an accredited body for the execution of wine awarding in compliance with EU regulations. Within the scope of this official accreditation, awards such as the DLG Produkt-Zertifikat "SEHR GUT" (DLG product certificate “Exellent”), Deutsches Weinsiegel (German Wine Seal) and the RegentPreis (RegentPrize) are granted.

DLG TestService GmbH

  • is a certifying body and awards certificates
  • rants test seals and awards
  • organizes quality competitions