DLG Food Data Hub

DLG Food Data Hub: More quality and service in e-commerce

In online food trade there are two other main actors in addition to the customers – the product producers and intermediaries, as well as e-commerce platforms on which the products are offered and sold. In order to be able to present the products completely, informatively and attractively to customers in the e-shop, the trading platform operator requires a large amount of product information in digital form from producers or intermediaries. However, today most of the actors still work with outdated systems. Furthermore, different interfaces between the various data systems make direct information sharing even more difficult. This means a great lack of clarity, a high amount of work effort and a high error rate for all concerned.

The DLG Food Data Hub has the goal to ensure completeness of the information for customers and to significantly reduce the complexity of and work effort in data transfer between producers and e-commerce platforms. Here producers and intermediaries manage their product-related data – without complications and in a manner adapted to their own systems – automated for operators of the e-commerce platforms and available digitally in the required form. Within the framework of an integrated examination process, the Hub ensures that all necessary data are available in the correct form. As soon as producers or intermediaries have completed the data, the digital information is available for the e-commerce platform.

As the DLG Food Data Hub can supply interfaces with all systems, the whole set-up works independently of the format and structure of the e-shop. Accordingly product variants that are only available for a short period or special offers can be created and the associated data transmitted faster and more easily.

The DLG Food Data Hub also offers the option of uploading further contents for each product on file, such as for instance photo-galleries, campaign-spots, SEO texts, a presentation of the production site or an interview with the producer, prize competitions, recipes and other engagement tools. Furthermore, producers can also use the system for pre-launch tests and communications.

Consequently, producers and intermediaries, e-shops and their customers all benefit from the many advantages presented by the DLG Food Data Hub:

  • Standardisation and automation make all processes distinctly simpler, faster and hence more efficient.
  • Thanks to checked, complete and correct product information, the e-commerce platforms enjoy potentially greater trust and confidence among their customers.
  • The greater depth of information, advisory services and entertainment distinctly enhance the shopping experience in the e-shops and producers are thus able to achieve higher sales of their products.



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