Pet Food

DLG Produkt-Zertifikat Tiernahrung (DLG Product Certificate Pet Food)

There has been a strong increase in the diversity of supply in pet food for dogs and cats over the past years. A growing number of animal lovers have started to pay greater attention to the quality of food for their pets and are interested in raw materials, methods of manufacture, ingredients or alleged additional benefits when choosing the suitable pet food. The central aspect is keeping the animal healthy by way of a balanced, high-quality diet. Naturally, the pets should also relish their food, which is offered by manufacturers in the form of moist and dry food in a great variety of flavors these days. The DLG Produkt-Zertifikat "SEHR GUT" (DLG Product Certificate “Very Good”) for pet food provides reliable guidance which is quickly and easily understood. The DLG Produkt-Zertifikat guarantees quality that starts with the manufacturing process and ends with the finished product.

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