Deutsches Weinsiegel (German Wine Seal)

Quality wines from Germany

The German Wine Seal is the most traditional quality seal for wines in Germany.
It has been granted to wines of above-average quality from German wine-growing regions by DLG e.V. ever since 1950. The testing is carried out by DLG TestService GmbH. Wines which bear the seal have undergone sensory evaluation by experts and offer authentic enjoyment of German wine. For more than 60 years, consumers have been trusting the Deutsche Weinsiegel as a guarantee for the quality of German wines. Several hundred million bottles have born the seal over the past decades.

The examination of the wines is carried out by an independent commission using the DLG-5-Punkte-Schema® (DLG-5-point-scheme). The color of the seal is determined by the wines’ flavor. Dry wines receive a yellow seal, medium-dry wines a green one, and a red seal denotes sweet and semi-sweet wines.

Registration documents and further information: