DLG "Excellent" Wines

The Certificate among the seals

The DLG Produkt-Zertifikat (DLG Product Certificate) accompanies food and beverages from their manufacturing until they reach the consumer. With the support of experts from DLG TestService, manufacturers and the entire process chain are certified on site according to DLG’s own quality standards.
In order to achieve this, auditors travel throughout the world and audit the participating enterprises at prescribed intervals.
Only enterprises that have been granted the DLG Prozess-Zertifikat (DLG Process Certificate) may register products for the DLG Produkt-Zertifikat (DLG Product Certificate).

DLG "Excellent" Wines...

  • ...are certified according to German quality standards in their country of origin, on site at the winemaker’s premises
  • ...are tested starting with the grape harvest through maturation in the wine cellar up until the tasting by experts
  • ...offer the best in quality and transparency – they contain verifiable expertise from the grapevine to the shelf
  • ...offer customers clear guidance in the unmanageable “value for money”-segment

Registration documents and further information:

Download Test Criteria

DLGTestservice Test Criteria

Download Testing regulations

DLGTestservice Testing Regulations