DLG Trusted Food / DLG Trusted Wine

Additional trust for online trading with food and beverage

Buying food and beverages has always been a matter of trust. This particularly applies to the Internet.

With their product-related standards, the "DLG Trusted Food" and "DLG Trusted Wine" seals ensure that online retailers handle the products properly, comply with legal regulations and quality standards and guarantee reliable logistic processes. Important criteria that form the focus of the certification include food safety, data protection, traceability, transparency, sustainable management, environmental orientation and social standards. 

The certification also include the following points:  

  • Cold chains are adhered and products are packaged and stored under safe conditions. 
  • Transport packaging is checked in relation to perfect quality and according to resource-saving and environmentally friendly criteria.
  • Labelling and handling of the products comply with the legal regulations (e.g. the availability of a HACCP concept).
  • Product data are shown correctly in the online shop and customers have received all legally required information before buying.
  • Customer and product data are stored so that immediate action is possible if recall campaigns become necessary.
  • Employee training in food safety and hygiene is ensured.

All of these criteria are taken into consideration during certification. After successful inspection the online vendor receive a certificate stating that its products are "DLG Trusted Food" or "DLG Trusted Wine"

This certification supports online providers effectively to eliminate the existing lack of trust in online shopping and generate additional impulses in e-commerce with food and beverages.


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