DLG Trusted Food / DLG Trusted Wine

Your partner for trust in online food and beverage vendors 

DLG has developed a new certification standard for online vendors. The "DLG Trusted Food" and "DLG Trusted Wine" seals guarantee efficient and customer-oriented processes when buying and selling food and beverages on the Internet. They ensure that online vendors handle the products properly, comply with legal regulations and quality standards and guarantee reliable logistic processes.    

Certification according to "DLG Trusted Food" and "DLG Trusted Wine" criteria supports online providers effectively in positioning themselves to consumers as a trustworthy and safe alternative for purchase at the stationary food and beverage trade. The certification helps to eliminate the existing lack of trust in online shopping and generates additional impetus in e-commerce.



Just three steps to certification

"Trust is one of the most important 
criteria in online food shopping."

Source: "Online-Shopping von Lebensmitteln in Deutschland", Ernst & Young survey, 2017

65 percent of online shoppers feel safer with quality seals when buying online.

Source: "Shopsiegel Monitor 2017/2018", elaboratum study

"40 percent of Germans are planning to buy food online in the next 12 months."

Source: "Online-Lebensmittelhandel vor dem Durchbruch in Deutschland", PwC survey, 2018